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Smart government requires collaboration and a long-term vision. It helps when you can start from a place of shared interest. Amid all of the areas of disagreement happening at both the state and federal levels, our children our next generation continue to be a topic where legislators can find common ground. At Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation, smart investments in kids have been part of our 30-year history. It makes sense that if you want a long-term competitive global advantage, you start young. From our experience, we know this to be true, and studies prove this. In our rural communities, SMIF has advocated against any sort of silver bullet approach to providing early childhood care. However, this does not mean that as a state we cant find some efficiencies in how early childhood investments are allocated. The proposed bill for an Early Childhood Access Fund, with a special director to provide oversight, could cut back on the current piecemeal approach. However, the issue is complex and the answers will not come without a lot of collaborative discussion with child care providers, trainers, certifiers, educators and funders. Weve seen what happens when a bill gets proposed without affected partners getting a chance to weigh in. Starting with the achievement gaps in early education can help address other issues facing Minnesota. Again, going back to research, we know that while Minnesota often leads the way in education, we are near the bottom when it comes to the achievement gap between white children and children of color. 40,000 low-income kids in our state dont have access to affordable, quality early-learning programs. Given the 400,000 worker shortfall Minnesota is facing by 2030, were not in a position to be letting any children fall behind. Furthermore, we are in the midst of an early childhood care crisis that has become an economic development threat. Current child care providers are retiring; theres a gap between what providers are paid and what parents can pay; and businesses are struggling to recruit workers because they cant promise access to affordable care. This is another area where a short-term fix wont be enough; we need smart, long-term approaches and lawmakers who understand the many variables involved.

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